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Friday, December 09, 2005

Gays in the priesthood, take three

Rebecca Nappi of Journey to Vatican III posted this link to a letter by Seattle Archbishop Brunett, responding to questions about the new instructions for seminary directors. He chooses to interpret the letter as advocating nothing more than careful self-examination by all candidates for the priesthood to make sure that they're ready for celibacy, and he reaffirms the Church's belief in the dignity and worth of gays and lesbians; he also asserts that any connection between homosexuality and the sex scandal in Church is completely unfounded.

I'm proud of my old archdiocese. I remember the Vatican's crackdown on former AB Raymond Hunthausen, in the 1980s. Rome believed that Hunthausen was going too far in supporting ministries aimed at supporting gays and lesbians and responding to the AIDS crisis; they quickly shipped out an "assistant" to keep an eye on him, and I believe said assistant remained until the end of Hunthausen's term.

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