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Friday, December 09, 2005

Interview #2

Another flagship state school, in another location that I don't know anything about--but it's closer to my friends, closer to GWB (a quick plane flight or a half-day car trip), and with a stronger doctoral program. Aside from the fact that it's not local, this is a university that I'm really excited about.

The suspense! The anxiety! They're corrosive.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 5:47 PM~  

Great! How manys applications did you send out, and to what kinds of places? R1s, SLACs, LACs, etc.? A number to state schools? (I'm assuming these first two already requested writ. samples, yes?) Sorry for the grilling (in same boat as you, just diff. period).

Blogger Bardiac commented at 6:05 PM~  

Way to go!

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 6:07 PM~  

This year I applied to 26 jobs--fewer than last year, but since I have a good fallback (my current position is renewable), it just didn't seem worthwhile to apply to some of the schools I otherwise would have.

According to my spreadsheet, 7 are liberal arts colleges of various descriptions, 5 grant MAs but not PhDs, and the remaining 14 are R1s (mostly publics). Again, I ruled out some comprehensives in far-away locations, but otherwise my list just reflects how the jobs shook out in my field this year.

Good luck to you . . .

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 6:51 PM~  

Thanks, LL, for the quick reply, that's a pretty fair-minded selection, I'd think. Position is indeed pretty good, as you mentioned, since if something does take shape you've some capital to bargan with; and if not, you've some additional padding (time) for next year's market (build up cv).

Still waiting for most results, with some rejections already sprinkled here and there. Eh, that's alright, can't with them all. Was an alright year in my field (out of last few years), but then I think I'm also using a generous criteria in defining what counts as my field (heh).

You last comment reminded me of something: really believe, speaking from own experience, others', that one's success (or) has as much to do with timing as w/ any kind of merit or luck (and I'm putting 'timing' in its own category here, beyond even that of luck, though don't mean to maintain too rigid a distinction between two--indeed, believe they can and do overlap, and often in ways we don't realize or even comprehend!). Find this attitude liberating, calming, even, even as I acknowledge colleagues whose attitudes run in just the opposite direction.

Thanks for the well-wishes. Wishing you much luck, too!

Blogger Tiruncula commented at 8:53 PM~  

Congrats on the interviews! It's so exciting to get to read about other people's encouraging news.

Blogger BrightStar commented at 1:35 PM~  

congrats! the job search is just overwhelming...

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