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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Interviews nos. 3, 4, and 5

Whoa, what's up here? Three interview requests today, all from schools totally unlike those first two: one's a teaching-oriented university right next door to Grad School City (confidential to Marielle: yes, and I know); one's a liberal-arts college in the middle of nowhere (confidential to AKB: not too far from your own corner of nowhere); and the third, also a liberal arts college, is quite close to GWB & in a department where I know one very cool person.

So I'm feeling pretty good. Last year I only got two interviews (with, admittedly, only 3 chapters written and a very modest amount of teaching experience). Maybe being done really does make the difference.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:39 PM~  

Congrats sis!!! Very happy for you. Can't believe I'll see you in four short days. Actually, it'll be 3 very long days and 1 medium one. Tomorrow I'll be flying to your time zone all day then dinner, thursday I'll be in interviews all day and THEN flying back to my time zone, and Saturday I'll be in the car all day. So that only leaves friday as a sorta-normal day (albeit one that involves landing at 1:30am and somehow making it to work a few hours later).

I can't wait to hear the updates in person. See you soon.


Blogger RLM commented at 11:34 PM~  

Way to go!!! Nice that these schools are clearly all recognizing what we already knew -- namely, your awesomeness. Congrats! :)

Blogger jo(e) commented at 8:30 AM~  

Sounds promising!

Blogger Ianqui commented at 9:53 AM~  

Congrats! What a good feeling. And yes, having been on a search committee 2 years in a row, being done makes a lot of difference. Your potentially don't have to worry about whether you're embellishing the truth about how far along you are.

Blogger What Now? commented at 11:20 AM~  

Being done makes a HUGE difference, and also having a lectureship with responsibility for courses like you'd be teaching at the interviewing school makes a big difference.

Congrats on all the interviews! Are they spread out nicely so you don't get too tired?

Blogger Dr. Virago commented at 11:44 AM~  

As Ianqui and What Now? have already confirmed, being done makes a HUGE difference. My own department tends not to interview ABDs unless the pool of applicants is small. I'm not sure I agree with my colleagues' logic entirely, but they think our load is just heavy enough (3/2) that they look for people who already have taught their own upper-division courses, who won't be finishing the diss at the last minute before moving, and who can hit the ground running.

And in my own two years on the market, I had a similar experience: 2 interviews when I was ABD and then many, many more the following year when I was a Ph.D. and a lecturer (and from the same kind of range of institutions as you're getting). In fact, I think you can expect more interview requests to roll in. I was getting them as late as Christmas eve, I think! I hope you gave them the phone number where you'll be over the holidays -- if not, leave it on the answering machine.

Anonymous hk commented at 1:48 PM~  

What's up here, you ask? You, of course, 'cause you a bright shiny star, yes you are. Whoo hoo! Congrats!

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