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  • Grade final exams
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two down, one to go

Apologies for the light blogging of late--George Washington Boyfriend has been in town for nearly a week, in the midst of which I've been grading like a fiend and commuting out to Big Urban to administer finals, attend bullshit meetings, and all the rest. But I turned in two of my grade sheets yesterday, finished grading exams from my last class today, and tomorrow on the plane out to Northwest City I'll calculate final grades for that class and then FedEx them to BU. (We have these carbon-copy, bubble-form sheets that can't be faxed, much less entered electronically.)

Then it'll be a week and a half of sleeping in, eating from my folk's amply-stocked pantry, and chilling with my bro. And not thinking about the MLA. Or at least not for more than an hour or two a day. Phew!

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:28 PM~  

Don't forget the conveniently-placed and -priced laundry facilities.

You'd better hit it up soon though, I will be bringing a trunk full of dirty laundry that is the result of not having done the wash since I was in the NW for t-day.

Set difficult yet attainable goals, I always say.

time to ditch work and start packing. also sleeping.


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