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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reasons to date a libertarian

Yes, there are disadvantages. But they also tend to say things like, "You know, I expect my office calls to be monitored. But from here on out I'm answering my home phone with: 'Good morning, fuck the NSA!'"

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 1:17 PM~  

I must admit, I kept re-reading this entry, wondering why on earth a librarian would expect his or her calls at the library to be monitored.

I'm blaming it on the hangover.


Blogger Bardiac commented at 2:46 PM~  

LOL, I totally love the phone answering.

But seriously, people who know how to find information are just wonderful in so many ways. Who WOULDN'T want to date a librarian??

Blogger Bardiac commented at 9:00 PM~  

LOL, I made the same mistake! I read "librarian" and not "libertarian."


Blogger La Lecturess commented at 9:07 PM~  

Bro: YOU of ALL PEOPLE should have read that correctly. I'll let the hangover excuse slide just this once. . .

Bardiac: I wondered if that was the case, but then assumed that you were just waxing rhapsodic about librarians after my brother's mistake. I do in fact have two close friends who are librarians (one of whom is also a libertarian!), and they do indeed rock, but I'm not dating either one of them. At least, not that I know of.

Blogger Bardiac commented at 9:41 AM~  

I like to think you'd know...

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