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Monday, July 18, 2005

Good news x 2

Good news #1:
Heard back from my advisor today about Ch. 4, and her comments were generally positive. She made suggestions for things I ought to do, but I think what she said at the end of her message was that, basically, it was okay even without those changes (at least for dissertation purposes, if not for book manuscript ones). I'm not totally clear that's what she meant, as her mesage was quite brief, but I'll hopefully be able to meet with her next week to clarify. So, provisionally, hooray!

Good news #2:
Received my copy of Smaller Respectable Journal! And my offprints! And my article ran to more pages than I expected, and I haven't seen any errors yet, so hooray for that, too.

And finally, some promising news:
I heard from Big Urban University today, for the first time in months, in a manner which suggests I may finally receive my contract soon (for various more-or-less legitimate reasons it's been delayed, and although I do have an email from the Dean, and I do have class assignments and books on order, I've been a little on edge about not having the official hiring package).

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Blogger RageyOne commented at 7:00 AM~  

Congrats and here's to your contract arriving soon. :>)

Blogger Ianqui commented at 12:10 PM~  

I'm kinda too scared to look for errors in my article (although the bold indicating significant values doesn't look nearly dark enough...)

Blogger academic coach commented at 11:36 PM~  

Yeah, lots of good news....

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