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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Evaluations: preliminary post

I don't know when I get my evals back from Big Urban, but I've had some funny ones up at RateMyProfessors.com for a while now. Weirdly, although these ratings are, like most professors', highly skewed, mine for some reason are skewed in the direction of easiness. Three of my four raters thought the class was pretty straightforward and/or easy, which I know is not the dominant opinion.*

At the same time, they all described me as funny and/or fun, which pleased me even if what one reviewer chose to highlight was our discussion of "skanky hos in [canonical work]." [For the record, I never used those words, though I plead guilty to talking about key parties, hookup remorse, and various people trying to get into other people's pants.]

The other thing I find funny is those students who say, "Lecturess is really smart and really knows her material!" Uh, yeah. It's my period (or half of it is). I have a Ph.D. Thanks for the validation, kiddo!

*Interestingly, these don't appear to be students who were loving the material or even who were doing all that well--two mention how boring the readings are as a way of highlighting the surprising fact that I can make it fun.

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